Here is a list of the 2023 FTCSAA Board Members.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered to be a part of this year's board.  And a huge thank you to everyone who has previously served!

Executive Board Members

Breeze Benda, President

5th Circuit, Hernando County

Rachel Licona, President-Elect

6th Circuit, Pinellas County

Emily Kiger, Treasurer

1st Circuit, Walton County

Robert Folsom, Secretary

8th Circuit, Alachua County

Sarah Mabery, Immediate Past President

18th Circuit, Seminole County

DCA Representatives

Samantha Butler, 1st DCA Representative

14th Circuit, Bay County

Jennifer Mooney, 2nd DCA Representative

13th Circuit, Hillsborough County

Catherine McManus, 3rd DCA Representative

11th Circuit, Miami-Dade County

Eric Weisberg, 4th DCA Representative

17th Circuit, Broward County

Jonathan Sang, 5th DCA Representative

4th Circuit, Duval County

Antoinette Romano, 6th DCA Representative

9th Circuit, Orange County

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