The Florida Trial Court Staff Attorneys Association (FTCSAA) was founded by Caroline Emery (4th Circuit) in 1998 to promote research and administrative efficiency for the benefit of the State Court system to provide a forum so members may meet, discuss, and compare office procedures, computerized programs, policies, and solutions.  The FTCSAA also defines, develops, and promotes a high standard of ethics and professionalism among its members and upholds the honor and dignity of the State Court System.

It is also the aim of the FTCSAA to promote the exchange of information regarding the administration and management problems particular to Trial Court Staff Attorneys working within the State Court System.

Regarding membership, the association is open to those who have served as trial court staff attorneys, senior trial court staff attorneys, court counsel, or other similar positions in any state trial court within the past 12 months. 

Credit: http://www.flcourts.org/core/fileparse.php/240/urlt/circuit-court-map-distribution.jpg

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